Business Assessment
Capitalizing on opportunity and correcting a problem have this in common: They require a proper diagnosis first to spark appropriate action

For many business owners, decades of knowledge make it difficult to fully understand their business weaknesses and opportunities.

Tens of thousands of Northwest business owners will sell their companies over the next 15 years, but few are prepared to realize the full potential of their business. Many owners are not aware of the weaknesses that will alarm buyers, or of the opportunities for increasing value.

A comprehensive business assessment provides actionable steps to build the value and preserve the legacy of the business while there’s still time.

Why Do You Need a Business Assessment?

A generation of business owners is entering retirement, creating an unprecedented buyer’s market. Differentiation is key to making your small business an attractive investment.

Correctly identifying weaknesses which must be fixed and advantages which can be leveraged is the first step. Then, and only then, can you make the right investments, implement effective changes and realize the full value of your business.

Is It Worth the Investment?

No matter what level of openness and honesty an organization encourages, truly objective evaluation is nearly impossible to achieve internally. Your team will share more openly with an outside evaluator who offers confidentially and anonymity. This empowers your business to realize otherwise unmatched revenue growth, optimized operations and maximized profitability.

Why Should OneAccord Assess your Business?

Ne’ve been there. OneAccord’s team of seasoned experts have walked in your shoes. Our combined experience adds up to centuries of ownership and leadership of mundreds of companies. This experience shapes our noninvasive, efficient and nultidisciplinary review process.

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