Larry Andrews



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“I love to help organizations effectively execute the strategy required to maximize the impact of their mission and vision. I love Jesus and his kingdom, my dearest Bethanne, my family, friends, reading, outdoors, snow skiing and my Taylor 814ce guitar.”


Originally from Edmonds, WA, Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in finance. He is Chairman for OneAccord, which he founded after 20 years with The Southwestern Company.

Jeff’s work history with The Southwestern Company included the strategic selection, development and training of a sales team that began as 56 people and grew to 340 with a 36 percent annual growth rate across all of Canada, the western U.S. and Mexico. Within the organization, sales rose at an 88 percent average annual growth rate. Competing with approximately 3,400 sales people, Jeff’s team achieved the highest worldwide per-person sales, including the all-time company sales record holder. Jeff received the Excellence Award for overall management performance – and was the only back-to-back winner in the 145-year corporate history.

Jeff went on to found OneAccord — Building Value, Built on Values™ — to work with privately held Pacific Northwest-based companies. In 2015, he helped found Solomons Fund, which focuses on the acquisition of Northwest-based, privately held manufacturing, service and distribution companies. The Fund currently operates four companies and planning to complete two acquisitions annually over each of the next several years. Also in 2015, OneAccord added investment banking through its OneAccord capital advisory services team with the goal of empowering business owners who are ready to transition out of their companies to meet their personal goals.

Jeff also founded KIROS, an organization that equips business people in making a deeper connection between faith and work. Thousands of business women and men are active in chapters throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Jeff and Amy have been married over 30 years and have three daughters. They founded, which developed a school in the village of Wamala, Uganda and offered business startup seminars to over 1500 entrepreneurs in the region. Locally, they founded the Table Group.

Jeff also serves on four nonprofit boards and five company boards. As a hobby he has been racing for 10 years — first in a Porsche and now an open-wheel vintage formula car.

What customers are saying about Larry

“Heritage Christian Academy engaged Larry to help our board of directors and executive team in clarifying mission, vision and strategic goals. The scope of the project was to lead and facilitate the mission and vision-casting and strategic planning process. Over a three-month period, we met with Larry multiple times as we built upon our core values to define a clear mission and vision for the school. Larry helped bring the board and executive team together by keeping us focused and mission driven. His leadership and knowledge helped us come together with a solid plan for the future. As we move into a new school year, we look forward to continued work with Larry to keep us moving toward the goals we outlined.”

Stacie Meyer, Board Member, Heritage Christian Academy

“I had a great time working with Larry and the team at OneAccord. Great people with lots of experience and professionalism. The project stayed on track, on time and on budget! They are genuine people with a heart for the kingdom and a pleasure to work with.”

Jared Nelms, CEO, The Timothy Initiative

“Larry possessed exceptional leadership and organizational skills developed through his tenure with Procter & Gamble and Hewlett-Packard. The board was fortunate in choosing Larry as CEO, as that skillset proved to be very valuable to Partners International as he has successfully led the organization for nearly seven years. Larry stepped into the CEO role at a time of significant transition for Partners International. The organization, though still productive in its ministry, had considerable organizational and financial challenges. Larry quickly demonstrated his value as he led the organization through a successful reorganization, bringing Partners International to an era of sustainability.”

John Weller, Board Chairman, Partners International

“I have known Larry for over 15 years and he is a man of integrity. In these many years, Larry has always shown up to work with passion, energy to do what’s right for the shareholders. Owning the entire application landscape, Larry faced many challenging issues. He addressed all of these with a warm spirit, creative mind and full engagement to provide solutions. His wide breadth of mastery makes him ideally suited for any IT executive role. The other thing that stands out with Larry is his incredible values. He is a man of purpose and conviction to always do the right thing, and to always treat people with the utmost dignity. I wish him the very best in his future and will miss him dearly at P&G.”

Jim Fortner, Vice President,  Procter & Gamble

“Given where Partners International was in 2012-13, we needed a mature Christian who had excellent organizational skills to address various significant operational shortcomings. We were pleased when our search led us to Larry. He had honed and demonstrated a strong skillset that we needed over his years at HP and P&G. Based on his experience of managing some 3,000 employees with a budget of $230 million in 30 countries, he was tasked with translating that corporate experience into leading a much smaller, Christian nonprofit organization that operates in 45 countries. The differences in the contexts of his previous experiences and his new job were significant. Yet, Larry took on that challenge with the confidence that God had prepared him and called him to do just that. He demonstrated an ability to learn the sector very quickly and made commendable efforts to seek mentoring to grow in his knowledge of global Christian ministry. Within the organization, Larry implemented several structures and systems … which simply didn’t exist but were desperately needed. He also demonstrated a serious commitment to prayer and led his staff by example on seeking God. Larry has also demonstrated a personal passion and sacrificial generosity towards the organization.”

Kamesh Sankaran, Board Chairman, Partners International

“From 2006, Larry has had a reporting relationship to me, initially (2006 to 2008) reporting to someone who reported to me, and from 2008 to the present as part of my executive leadership team, with a dotted line reporting to me. In all these years I have found Larry to be an exceptional leader. He has strong sense of purpose, and has both broad strategic thinking and deep execution capability. He develops people, and motivates them to achieve excellence. He is data-driven and objective. He is able to work well in a matrix-ed environment and balance multiple demands and objectives. Larry is confident, assertive without being aggressive, and is grounded in a very strong sense of values. His ethical compass points true north, you can trust him to do the right thing and never cross or even test any ethical boundaries. He is high-energy and brings all his qualities to the task at hand.”

Subroto Mukerji, Vice President and General Manager, Hewlett-Packard

“I am writing this letter to commend Larry Andrews as a person of exceptional character, competency and compassion.  I have known Larry for eight years as pastor, elder and friend, and he has served as a strategic planning consultant for our church. Larry, as a key leader at North Church, has time and again provided consulting, wisdom and a thoughtful approach helping us to break out of plateaus and take new ground as a mission-driven church. I have rarely seen people like Larry who bring with them high levels of expertise and great corporate success who also have a humble servant spirit. For example, Larry has served on a board called Serve Spokane, which is a nonprofit compassion ministry in our city, and I have seen him time and again help with the hurting and provide Christ-like servant leadership. Larry has a very healthy emotional intelligence and knows how to lead up, across to peers and lead those serving under his stewardship. I highly recommend Larry Andrews for any organization looking for someone of high character, competency and compassionate leadership.”

Mike Meade, Senior Pastor, North Church Spokane, Washington

“It was a real pleasure working with Larry. He was extremely professional, and very knowledgeable. He brought strong competency, collaboration, partnership and communication to this project. Larry took the time to get to know us and understand how we functioned as an organization (which, frankly, is pretty complex). Larry was able to significantly help our board focus and determine clear next steps in its development. We are very thankful for Larry leveraging his talents with us. Overall, our executive leadership team scored Larry a 10/10 on this project and are grateful for the pathway given to the board to release greater capacity and effectiveness, and move towards our shared vision.”

Lynn Sagara, Volunteer Partner, and Courtney Slanaker, Executive Director, American Red Cross Southern Arizona Chapter