Growth and transition are on the mind of every business owner

Owners face unknowns throughout the life of their business. We’ve walked this trail before, and are uniquely equipped to guide owners through buying, operating or selling a business.

Whether you want to build a legacy for future generations, grow for an exit, or are ready to sell, we are the right partner to get it done.

Our teams, OneAccord Capital Advisors and OneAccord Partners, have served over 450 businesses and 100 nonprofits.

Buy & Sell

Our Capital Advisors team serves as merger and acquisition advisors. We recognize buying and selling a business is complex and challenging to navigate alone. Your business is you legacy, and experienced M&A team is here to lead you through a successful acquisition. 


Our partners team serves as trusted business advisors. We recognize to grow and business or nonprofit, you need a good plan and good execution. As operators, we know how to do both. We come alongside owners and leaders to help build lasting value in their organization.

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Companies We've Partnered With

Let's Jumpstart Your Momentum

You’re well past the startup phase, but you’re looking for scalable growth. Partner with us and we will identify your missing¬†pieces & walk with you through the process to incredible growth.

Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Build a Marketing Strategy

Create a Talent Acquisition Strategy

Reduce Operational Costs

Your business is unique and so are your goals. We offer a variety of services to get you and your business where you want to be. Each follows three basic steps:

Assessment, Planning and Execution.

Available Resources

Video Resources Library

Access webinars, deep dives and special events featuring top notch business and nonprofit experts.

The Building Value Blog

We publish posts weekly that examine the problems business leaders face and present solutions.

Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Access webinars, deep dives and special events featuring top notch business and nonprofit experts.

Start building the value of your business or planning your transition