Redden Marine Supply

Learn About Our Client’s Success

Company Industry

Retail Marine Supplies


Bellingham, WA

Business Situation

  • Flat sales revenue (stuck)
  • Chaos, frustration and disorder in all locations and departments
  • Very low employee morale, including the leadership team

OneAccord Solution

  • The leadership team of seven built an effective working contract that helped them become a true team
    • Three ‘C-players’ left within months, either unwilling or unable to make the changes they committed to in the working contract — they were replaced with A-players
  • Regularly scheduled leadership meetings with high quality agendas and team building
  • We built standard operating procedures for most of the job functions in the company
    • These defined the processes and behaviors, in writing
  • Interviewing, hiring and onboarding processes were changed to identify people with the right attitudes and provide the quality training they needed to be strong contributors to productivity and culture
  • Regular one-on-one performance management meetings helped clarify expectations for employees, review their metrics and contributions, and provide support and accountability to help them succeed
  • We made monthly team meetings for all employees in one location standard operating procedure. These meetings:
    • Were fun, informative and interactive
    • Affirmed the contributions and successes of many employees
    • Were motivating


  • In the second full month we worked with Redden, sales revenue was growing at a double-digit, year-over-year pace
  • The next calendar year, the topline revenue grew from approximately $21 million to just under $27 million
  • Net Income grew 61 percent year-over-year
  • Surveyed employee morale went from below 1, on a scale of 1-5, to over 4
  • Surveyed morale on the leadership team went from 0.6, on a scale of 1-5, to 4.5
  • The distribution center and warehouses went from chaotic messes to highly organized and efficient support centers
  • Hired an A+ executive who runs the day-to-day operations of the company today, freeing the president to do the things he is good at and loves to do